General Features

  • Many profiles and auxiliary materials in the sliding are specifically designed to offer a higher level of insulation, which is enhanced by means of including TPE gaskets to the frontal closure and frontal joining profiles on the joints. This system provides various solutions such as sliding frame, sliding casing frame, sliding frame with insect screen, three-rail frame, fixed sliding frame and fixed sliding casing frame. This system offers two different options of sliding casement profile (3 chambers) depending on the details of the windows and doors. The Sliding System may be combined with the Zendow and Everest Max Systems by using auxiliary profiles. In addition, the wind resistance is increased by the aluminum frontal closure and frontal joining profiles, allowing for the production of joinery with wider sizes. The sliding frame with double casement moving or the fixed sliding frame applications allow for fixed sections on the bottom-top and side parts. All the profiles in the system conform to the requirements of TS 5358 EN 12608.